Client - Agency  Relationship

The focus of Sanaa World Travel is to create unforgetable, life enhancing, travel experiences for our clients.

Our greatest expertise is in the regions we visit with our world tours on the continents of Asia, Australia/Oceanic, Europe and Africa, as well as the Americas, where our company is headquartered.   Certain countries re our specialty such as India, China, Japan, Thailand, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Senegal, Amsterdam, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, USA and Territories, the Caribbean, and some parts pf Central America and Australia.  However, we have planned our clients' travel to all corners of the earth.  

The services of a good Travel Advisor can be invaluable in terms of helping you save time and money, avoid pitfalls, and make the best informed choices for your vacation.  As with other professionals, you turn to a Travel Advisor for their time, expertise, advice & resources. Travel Advisors for the most part are paid through commissions from their suppliers, including most hotels, tour companies, cruise lines, etc.   We have a direct connect with the Tourism Bureaus in each country and through that connection we are able to provide you first hand information to get you on your way with confidence.

If we are able to save you a substantial cost for travel services by booking outside of our normal supplier resources that pay us a commission, we may charge a nominal fee.  In that case the fee will be discussed upfront.  Our client fees are based on the time and complexity of the arrangements, and whether there is commission provided by the supplier.  Most of our clients do not pay a fee for our services.  

Note also that we charge the same price you pay if you book online or direct with the supplier.  We even have travel affiliate accounts with online booking sites such as expedia,, etc.  We provide you with personalized service for your entire trip from the planning stages through until you return home, and coordinate all aspects of your travel with you.